Pigeon,Natural solid wide caliber glass bottle SS nipple 160ml, yellow AA73

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Natural solid wide-caliber nipple, the study of baby sucking movement made of nipple, soft and tough, borosilicate glass as the material of the bottle, has a good transparency, but also can withstand high temperature disinfection. Soft and resilient, the study of baby sucking movement made of pacifiers. SS nipple is made of soft silica gel material from four types of nipples with natural solid feeling and wide caliber. It is heat-resistant at 120℃.

Pigeon,Natural solid wide caliber glass bottle SS nipple 160ml, yellow AA73
Pacifier type: natural solid SS round hole. Neonatal use is recommended.
Close to the mother's nipple, help the baby to realize the transformation between nipple and pacifier, help to realize the easy conversion between bottle feeding and kiss feeding, Japanese imported bottle body, help feed the mouth comfortable, special ventilation valve design to help the baby smoothly suck. Soft and tough, the nipple after N-channel testing and repeated tests, can suck with the baby to expand, so that every mother can be assured to buy.
Product features: 1. Wide caliber, easy to add milk powder, easy to clean; 2. Micro-arc bottle body, anti-skid easier to grasp; 3. Borosilicate glass: more comfortable; 4. Smooth bottle body: easy to clean.

Maintenance methods: before the first use, the utensils should be thoroughly cleaned and properly. disinfected; before each use, the utensils should be thoroughly cleaned and no signs of breakage or softening should be ensured; food pigments may discolor the product, but harmless to the baby; if the baby bites the product, it may also find dental marks.
Cleaning and disinfection methods: 1. Clean hands with soap or hand sanitizer first, and clean nails with nail brush when necessary. 2. Wash and disinfect before each use. Immerse in warm water immediately after use, then rinse with neutral detergent. 3. Add 8% water to the clean sterilizing pot to prepare for heating. 4. Separate the nipple, cap, cap and body of the bottle and boil in the pot for 3-5 minutes (please be careful not to get close to the edge of the pot).
Method of adjusting milk: 1. Wash hands before soaking milk, and put proper amount of hot water into sterilized bottles. 2. Fill in the appropriate amount of milk powder, take out the milk powder to be loose, not tightly pressed, aiming at the mouth of the bottle, pour the milk powder into the bottle. 3. Roll the cap with the nipple on the bottle and cover it. Shake the bottle gently from side to side until the milk powder dissolves completely. 4. Before feeding, drop a few drops of liquid to test the temperature in the wrist to ensure that the temperature is appropriate for feeding. If the inside of the wrist feels too hot, please cool it again.
Note: Do not use corrosive detergents, high concentration of detergents may lead to plastic parts rupture; do not put products under direct sunlight for a long time to avoid material damage; do not put products near fire to avoid deformation; when steam disinfection, must strictly follow the instructions of the steam disinfection equipment manufacturer for operation.
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