Sebamed,Baby and Child Moisturizer 200ml

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Shiba baby skin care lotion, PH5.5 weak acid formula, promote the formation of acidic protective film needed by the baby's skin, mild and non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin baby.

Sebamed,Baby and Child Moisturizer 200ml

Shiba baby skin care lotion, PH5.5 weak acid formula, promote the formation of acidic protective film needed by the baby's skin, mild and non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin baby.Rich in natural almond oil, avocado oil, lecithin, etc., it is easier to be absorbed by the skin, effectively replenish skin moisture, make baby's skin more delicate and smooth, contain natural nourishing ingredients, easy to be absorbed by the skin, won't clog pores;Improve skin water content;Ph5.5 weak acid formula is similar to the skin acid-base value, which is conducive to the formation of baby's skin protective film, and promotes the skin to be soft, moist and tender.All ages infants and adults with allergic skin, face and body are suitable.

Butter tree seed oil: contain a variety of vitamins, contain rich vitamin B2, can infiltrate skin epidermis, have very good effect to dry skin, give skin sufficient moist, make skin fair-skinned-skinned-fine and glossy.
Allantoin: has the function of protecting and promoting tissue growth, hydrophilic water absorption and preventing water emission, etc., and can make the skin soft and elastic, with beautiful luster.
Vitamin B5: natural deep penetration moisturizer, promote the growth of epidermal cells, effective anti-inflammatory, anti-sensitive repair, as well as emollient skin, reduce pigmentation, treatment of sunburn caused by inflammation protect nails and reduce pain.
Shea butter: it is a natural moisturizing ingredient suitable for infants and sensitive skin. It contains rich vitamin group, moistens the whole body, improves the moisturizing ability, and has the effect of repairing, conditioning, softness and moisturizing the skin.
Squalane: from deep-sea shark liver oil, inhibits the growth of mold, strengthens the maintenance of the epidermis, establishes a natural protective film for the skin, and helps balance the skin and sebum.Lecithin: lecithin is known as protein, vitamin juxtaposed with the "third nutrient", can provide protection for skin regeneration vitality, give skin luster.
Almond oil: rich in minerals, protein and various vitamins, it is a kind of vegetable oil for skin maintenance and moisturizing effect, suitable for all kinds of skin, it can effectively reduce skin itching, eliminate redness, dryness and inflammation.

Product features:
Moisturizing: contains compound moisturizing factors: squalane, vitamin B5, protects sensitive skin and prevents dry cracking.
Double moisturizing: it contains rich moisturizing ingredients, highly moisturizes and hydrates the skin, locks in moisture, maintains the balance of water and fat, and keeps moisturizing for a long time.
Relieve dry itching: help strengthen skin barrier, nourish and protect baby's sensitive skin, help reduce milk moss and allergy.
Plant ingredients: safe, non-irritating, non-paraffin, colorant mineral oil, plant original fragrance, extracted from natural plants, without any chemical flavor.
Weak acid protection: water-fat balance formula promotes the formation of weak acid protective film of ph5.5 on children's skin, which can be quickly absorbed without greasiness.
PH5.5 weak acidity: enhance sebum membrane, restrengthen skin's functions of moisturizing, antibacterial and anti-sensitization, promote soft and smooth skin, improve skin quality, and make skin healthier.
Natural moisturizing ingredients: select a variety of natural moisturizing ingredients, penetrate into the skin natural moisturizing, lasting moisturizing.
Easy to absorb but not greasy: smooth texture, small molecule emollient essence is quickly absorbed by the skin to avoid greasy problems.
Mild anti-allergy formula: natural mild anti-allergy formula is also a better choice for sensitive skin and expectant mothers.

Usage: apply proper amount of skin cream after washing face or when dry, gently emulsify on palm, evenly apply on baby's face, hands, feet and other parts, gently massage until fully absorbed.

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