Hunter,Leash Cody, Bison leather, dark brown,cognac, Germany

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Texture of material:Bison leatherdark 
Colore:Cognac/ Dark Brown

Hunter,Leash Cody 15/110, Bison leather, dark brown/cognac, Germany

A leash is one of the standard pieces of equipment for a dog and its owner. In the end, you never quite know what you might encounter when out and about with your dog. The bison leather CODY leash is the perfect companion for every kind of excursion with your dog. Even if a leash is an absolute necessity, that doesn’t mean that it can’t look nice. The design of the CODY leash is very discreet, which allows the wonderful premium-quality bison leather in its natural tones to come into it’s own. Despite the simple design, decorations were not entirely dispensed with: the ring can be removed and used as a keyring, while the smart, metal bison emblem is a reminder of the exclusive leather from which the leash is made. The bison leather originates from strictly monitored, sustainable livestock. The HUNTER leather experts transform it into the beautiful CODY leashes in Germany, which rest so softly and comfortably in your hand, and each of which is unique thanks to the distinctive graining.

Texture of material:Bison leatherdark
Colore:Cognac/ Dark Brown

110cm ( WIDTH 1.5cm )
100cm ( WIDTH 2 cm )

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