Merries,Baby pull-up trousers XL code, 38 tablets

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360 degree all-round elastic waist circumference, soft and comfortable for a whole circle, gentle care of baby delicate skin, convex breathable soft dot mesh layer, better air fitness, dryer and comfortable small fart people. Super absorbent, lasting dry, soft and super-long 10 hours dry. Each fiber on the surface, add natural plant essence, carefully care for every inch of baby's skin! Multilayer absorption receptacle, quickly absorb and lock urine moisture. Make the baby feel dry and comfortable all the time.

Merries,Baby pull-up pants XL code, 38 tablets
Suitable for 12kg-22kg babies

Inner side of pull-up trousers: use silk-like ultra-fine fibers, pay attention to the soft texture of touch air. Outer side of pull-up trousers: super comfortable breathing layer, with full air and fluffy comfortable breathing layer to bring super soft skin touch.
Product characteristics:
1, 3 times "breathable": micro-porous breathable surface, the first hexagonal concave-convex breathable flexible dot mesh layer, the fart is drier.
2. Double the "soft", soft and comfortable, unique knot fiber and soft lining, crotch more flexible, more suitable for thigh root.
3. Waist sticker "elasticity": soft elasticity around the waist, using 360 degree comfortable ring sticker, wearing comfortable clothes, abdominal baby can move freely.
4. Comfortable "light and thin": light and thin design, gentle and friendly skin, more comfortable vitality factor, baby comfortable noon restraint!
5. Soft "moisturizing": natural plant essence, the surface of the fiber are added with natural plant essence, carefully care for every inch of baby's skin!
6. Instantaneous absorption "leak-proof": accurate urine moisture, multi-layer absorber, quickly absorb and lock up urine moisture. Baby always feel dry and comfortable.
Usage: 1. Put it through the baby's legs (don't turn it upside down when wearing it). When standing, let the baby support himself to wear the baby's legs on one side, then put on the other side. 2. Put the pull-up pants over the navel and cover the small buttocks. If the boy is a boy, let the urine go down. 3. Make sure that the elasticity around the lower abdomen and the legs are not there, fold inward (stretch the finger into the inner ruffle, adjust the ruffles). Position to prevent side leakage.
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